X-ray Point machine

X-ray Point machine

Model No.︰X7100

Brand Name︰VAVziLink

Country of Origin︰China

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Technical Data Sheet: MODEL: X-7100 remarks X-RAY Tube type, closed type, spatial resolution (Um)5 Micron, sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. Semiconductor package. Electrical Connector 3. Die Castings 4. Car 5. Battary 6. Led 7. Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. Through the space bar to adjust the speed of the loading table: Slow, constant speed, fast 2. Keyboard Control X, Y, Z three-axis motion and Tilt Angle 3. Users can program to control the speed and angle of the loading platform, automatic BGA inspection program 1. Simple mouse click programming, automatically detect every BGA on the assembly without operator intervention. 2. Automatic BGA inspection program can accurately check BGA bridge, solder joint, cold solder joint and void ratio. 3. Automatic BGA inspection program with high repeatability for process control. 4. Test results will be displayed on the screen and can be output to Excel for easy review and archiving, CNC programming 1. Simple mouse click operation to write detection procedures 2. X, Y orientation can be carried out on the carrier platform; x Ray Tube and detector Z Orientation 3. SOFTWARE TO SET VOLTAGE AND CURRENT 4. Image Settings: brightness, contrast, auto gain and exposure 5. The user can set the pause time for program switching 6. The Traffic Collision Avoidance System allows for maximum tilt and viewing of the object

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