Model No.︰BESTTEC BT5100U

Brand Name︰BESTTEC

Country of Origin︰United States

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BESTTEC BT5100UV-100 three anti-UV adhesive shape preserving coating is a transparent and flexible coating made of low viscosity UV material, which is ideal for use in high temperature and harsh environment to protect circuits. It protects against corrosion of electronic components from moisture, dirt, salt spray and other tiny particles. It can also isolate high voltage arcs, short circuits and static electricity. Similarly, it protects against thermal shock and exerts very little stress on the component during the temperature cycle. BESTTEC BT5100UV-100 Triple UV Protection adhesive does not contain any non-reactive solvents, resulting in a smooth, non-sticky surface.




The BESTTEC BT5100UV-100 triple UV resistant coating improves reliability and extends the life of electronic circuits. It is mainly used in automobiles, ships, aerospace, communications, instrumentation and industrial control equipment involving high temperature.



Curing mode: Uv and moisture, based on two different long, complementary chemical cross-linking mechanisms

Solid content: 98.7% solid content, no non-reactive solvent, no VOC volatiles, no pollution.

Evaporation rate: N/A.

Flash point: 102°C / 215°F;

Flammability grade: non-flammable and explosive, not belonging to dangerous chemicals

Fast curing, high efficiency

Easy to detect - fluoresces under black light (ULTRAVIOLET)

High chemical resistance - Resistance to water, solvents and most household chemicals

Protect electronic equipment from moisture, corrosion, fungi and electrostatic discharge BESTTEC BT5100UV-100 triple UV protection adhesive

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